GRDC's Asian Experience

"I'm keen to tell people to do these courses, because education is everything," says Anne Gready, who attended the first Asian Wheat Uses and Markets Course in Singapore last August with husband Philip. The Greadys farm about 900 hectares at Lubeck, near Stawell in Victoria.

"When we get our wheat downgraded or we have dry or wet conditions at harvest, there's a tendency to think, 'oh well, it doesn't matter', but it does matter a lot."

The course, sponsored by the GRDC, will be offered again 5-11 March 2000.

The five-day course is aimed at giving participants a solid understanding of their markets in Asia and the importance of quality. Participants begin the course with two days at the Bakery Industry Training Centre and Prima Flour Mills learning how to make Asian bakery products. This is highly educational and fun too. Participants reported they enjoyed the 'hands-on' experience of baking their own pao and making their own noodles.

Growers also have the opportunity to visit a commercial mill buying a large proportion of its wheat from Australia.

Participants then embark on a Malaysian tour of noodle factories and bakeries. They begin in Singapore, travelling across to lohor Baharu and then on to Kuala Lumpur to experience the sights and smells of a very different type of fooc manufacture to that in Australia.

Wheat Development Officer with AGWEST Ber Curtis explains "we have put this course together to help bridge the gap between wheat growers and their markets. Over the next few years there are likely to be some large changes to the way growers will sell and market their wheat.

"Farmers need to take the opportunity now to learn more about the product they are producing and where it fits into the market. Knowledge about what you are selling and who you are selling it to is vital in any marketing transaction."

Apply now:

When: Flying out of Australia on Sunday 5 March 2000 to Singapore and returning on Saturday 11 March from Kuala Lumpur via Singapore.

Cost: The course costs $2,100 for WA participants (FARMBIS subsidy available) and $2,300 for people travelling from the eastern States. (This fee covers flight costs, bus travel to Johor Baharu and Kuala Lumpur, accommodation and most meals.)

The course will benefit: primary producers, people who have already attended a Wheat Quality Course, and industry participants working in the area of wheat production and marketing.

Register your interest as soon as possible by phoning:

Jennifer Casson 08 9574 0044 for registrations or Ben Curtis 08 9083 1111 for technical queries. Alternatively, fax this information request slip to Jennifer Casson on 08 9574 0055

The course will be repeated in August 2000.

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