Practical barley tips on videotape

Premium Barley — Premium Price is a new videotape produced in WA to help growers maximise returns from barley.

Barley Development Officer Roslyn Jettner said the 20-minute tape, which had its 'premiere' at the conference, will be a useful training and education tool for the industry.

"It provides an understanding of grain characteristics critical to end-product quality," she said. "And it explains the role of these quality factors in malting and brewing and production efficiency.

"The video contains interviews with growers and research agronomists while an important segment shows the processing of barley in the malting and brewing stages."

Premium Barley — Premium Price was produced with support from the GRDC, Agriculture Western Australia, WA Grain Pool, Joe White Makings, Swan Brewery and Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH).

Price: $20 plus $8 postage and handling. Contact Rural Connect

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