Lentil Check

Lentil Check is closely linked to the GRDC-supported TOPCROP program. According to Primary Industries and Resources, SA, Field Crop Consultant Tony Craddock, some 20 well-attended meetings and crop walks were conducted across SA in 1999.

"The Lentil Check program has been going since 1995," Mr Craddock said. "I find that growers come and go, but most attend Lentil Check meetings for two years and then have the confidence to do things on their own.

"The program has evolved over the years — the most important thing is that growers are able to get together at strategic times during the year. We do this by arranging crop walks and discussion group meetings in the main lentil-growing districts.

"Of course, if individuals or groups want to 'value add' their Lentil Check activities by monitoring their crops through the TOPCROP monitoring program, they can. We feel this is an excellent way of really coming to grips with a new crop like lentils.

"A fee applies for the TOPCROP monitoring program which covers the monitoring kit and materials supplied and the production of a computer-generated report on crop performance in relation to established benchmarks."

Contact: Mr John Edmonds-Wilson 08 8571 1075 or Mr Tony Craddock 08 8568 6400