Snail Attack

Conical snail — a biological control agent for it may be released in summer

Farmers and researchers are on the offensive again against snails, a recurrent major pest for graingrowers and marketing authorities, particularly in parts of SA and Victoria.

Growers through the GRDC and the SA Grain Industry Trust Fund are supporting a new integrated snail research program with investments totalling $650,000 over four years.

Components include making baiting more effective, finding out why snails reproduce better in some plant species than others, investigating novel control techniques, documenting machinery modifications which facilitate snail control and reduce contamination in grain, and further work on biological control.

According to Dennis Hopkins of the SA Research and Development Institute, a parasitic fly to help control conical snails may be released in the coming summer.

"It is specific to the conical snail species which is largely a problem on Yorke Peninsula, although there are isolated pockets of the pest elsewhere," he said.

Program 2.7.1

Contact: Mr Dennis Hopkins 08 8303 9539

SA growers will find more information on controlling snails in the Back Pocket Guide and Advice Sheet with this issue of Ground Cover