Storage best bets: new CD ROM

Cover of the CD ROM "Managing On Farm Grain Storage"

Managing On-Farm Grain Storage: Effective Practices for the Delivery of Quality Assured Products

Grain storage and transport are important control points to meet the food safety quality requirements of end users. This new guide for growers, advisers and course providers, from the Quality Wheat CRC, shows the why and how of:

  • aeration to control insects, mould and flour quality
  • keeping risk down with good hygiene
  • choosing the right protectant for the pest
  • safe and effective use of grain protectants
  • advice on dosage and half-life of protectants
  • meeting market residue requirements
  • inspecting stored grain
  • maintaining machinery and storage structures
  • making storage structures airtight
  • maintaining seals
  • economics, market information and industry contacts
  • receival standards and regulatory information
  • where to get training
  • summary of RTCA competencies, with site link
  • hotlinks to on-line updates and other relevant sites.

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