Executive Editor takes over research reins

John Lovett has made a lot of significant contributions to Australian agriculture in the course of his internationally-recognised career as a research agronomist. Taking advantage of this knowledge and experience, the GRDC has appointed Professor Lovett as the corporation's new Operations Manager.

He will temporarily leave his position as Professor of Agronomy and Head of the Department of Agronomy and Soil Science at the University of New England to take up full-time duties for the GRDC.

As Operations Manager he will be responsible for ensuring that research programs focus on critical industry needs — particularly matching products with markets; improving production efficiency, and; promoting long-term sustainability.

Professor Lovett is a well-known figure at grower meetings and in extension activities throughout Australia. His research has focused on chemical interaction between plants and on crop protection.

He is also particularly concerned with long-term sustainability in agriculture and how it relates to profitability. Says Professor Lovett: "I have expressed concerns about the difficulty growers face by being locked into short-term actions while they need to change practises to suit agriculture's long-term horizons."