Fast Track 'designer crops' for Australia and its markets

"If you like bread, beer and cheese, you like biotechnology." That's the message which the grains industry needs to get across to consumers in Australia and overseas.

Biotechnology has enriched the grains industry, all over the world, for thousands of years — since well before the Egyptians conceived the Pyramids.

This Ground Cover special feature investigates the continuing potential of biotechnology to meet the needs of graingrowers and the market.

It also considers the potential impact of the newer items in our industry's biotechnology toolkit — the gene technologies — to deliver grain crops which perform better on-farm and meet the food safety and quality expectations of the customer.

Biotechnology has helped the GRDC to "deliver the goods" in farming systems, grains processing and crop improvement since we began our work almost 10 years ago.

Biotechnology will continue to help the GRDC and its R&D partners to deliver purpose-built cereals, pulses and oilseeds to growers and the market in an efficient and effective way.

This Ground Cover special feature looks at the biotechnology toolkit for crop improvement and, in particular, how it can help develop Australia's commercial, premium-quality wheats for the 21st century.

John Lovett, GRDC