Grainzone just got better

Front screen from Grainzone web site

Grainzone, the GRDC's web site, has just been upgraded, making it easier to use than ever before with a greater range of information that is quick to find.

The best way to find out about the GRDC's site is to have a look at it yourself. You can do this by typing in, the address of Grainzone. The site has a number of options: for growers, for researchers, for consumers, an on-line bookshop that allows you to order publications directly from Rural Connect, useful site links both in Australia and throughout the world, and the latest in news and events.

The new-look Grainzone has been developed with your needs in mind. The home page features up-to-date media releases for Australia's Northern, Southern and Western graingrowing regions, a diary of events and a comprehensive search option to help you find items of interest.

Selecting 'For Growers' will take you into a section that includes past issues of Ground Cover, papers from GRDC Research Update seminars, advice sheets, 'Crop Doctor' articles and an on-line discussion area. There is also a link to the TOPCROP site, summaries from GRDC research projects, information on awards and scholarships. The section will soon include information from field trials around the country.

On-line bookshop

Click back to the home page to find the 'What's On' selection. It includes 'Diary Dates', 'Media Releases' and 'What's New'.

  • 'Diary Dates' is your on-line calendar of industry and research events, divided into seminars and EXPOs and information for researchers on funding proposal deadlines and conferences.
  • 'Media Releases' includes the most up-to-date as well as archived releases from GRDC.
  • 'What's New' will feature any new GRDC products, launches or events.

The home page also features a 'Bookshop' with free publications and books for sale, all of which can be ordered on-line. There also are many links to other agricultural on-line bookshops.

Useful links

One of the most useful features of any web site is its links page. This section in Grainzone is called 'Useful Sites' and includes more than 200 links, divided into Industry, Research, Government, International, Consumer and General.

The strength of a web site is ultimately its content. It must be relevant, regularly updated and maintained. The GRDC's web staff ensure the site runs smoothly, the content is updated and feedback is acted upon quickly.

Development of the new-look site is ongoing and any form of feedback from users is encouraged. So, why not spend 10 minutes in Grainzone and explore the world of grains information available from your desktop.