Rule of Thumb: The Scoop on Lentils

(Left to right) Peter White (AGWEST), Neil Wandel, (grower, Esperance), Mary Wandel (grower, Esperance), Kerry Regan (AGWEST) and John Slatter (Pulse Australia), inspecting the Wandels' 1999 Cassab lentil crop.

Lentils are a niche crop requiring correct soil type and careful management. They are short crop needing only moderate rainfall and a stable dry period at harvest. They fit into rotations before and after a non-legume crop.

Prices are high ($350-$550/t) and costs of production are relatively low, making 'break even' yields less than 0.4 t/ha.

Detailed 'how to grow' instructions, including soil and moisture requirements, are available in Crop Variety Sowing Guide format from local offices of Agriculture Western Australia.