Rural Woman of the Year

Annie Pfeffer

Annie Pfeffer's crusade to change the generally saturated fats used in Australia's commercial deep fryers - palm oil or animal tallow - to a healthy unsaturated (Australian) oil like sunflower won her the 2000 title of Rural Woman of the Year.

Active involvement in the sunflower industry was a major component of Ms Pfeffer's winning Queensland submission to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) which runs the Rural Women's awards around Australia.

The Pfeffer family, who farm near Pittsworth on the Darling Downs, produce cold-pressed, monounsaturated sunflower oil in a value-adding extension of the farm business. Ms Pfeffer is also promotions coordinator for the Australian Sunflower Association (ASA).

To discuss value-adding in this growing northern industry, or to help promote Australian sunflower oil for good health, contact Ms Annie Pfeffer 07 4693 8191.

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