WHEAT: tolerant to acid soils


NEW RELEASE from Agriculture Western Australia, developed with support from growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC.

Karlgarin (formerly WAWHT 2050)

  • a high-yielding, APW-quality wheat with tolerance to aluminium and boron toxicities
  • widely adapted, best in medium- and low-rainfall areas
  • good yields similar overall to those of Carnamah (Karlgarin yields are superior in low to medium rainfall, south-central areas; Carnamah yields are superior in northern and high-rainfall regions)
  • medium maturity, ranges from similar to slightly later than that of Carnamah
  • white-chaffed, bearded wheat with strong straw
  • screenings slightly higher than those of Spear, on average
  • produces very good baking-quality white flour
  • milling quality slightly superior to that of Machete
  • resistant to yellow spot and stripe rust
  • herbicide reaction data will be available by February 2000. Consult the Crop Variety Sowing Guide for details.