New storage developments at postharvest conference

Field and storage

The latest on grain storage and related marketing issues: present and future grain insect control options, including a suite of non-chemical techniques; and ways to enhance grain quality in storage.

These are just some of the key issues to be discussed at the Australian Postharvest Technical Conference to be held in Adelaide, 2-4 August 2000.

This GRDC-supported initiative will feature leading speakers from the CSIRO Stored Grains Research Laboratory, from other research organisations, from marketing bodies and from the storage and handling industry.

Chairman of the organising committee, Jonathon Banks, said the way grain was stored was increasingly influencing its marketability and price.

"New technologies are being developed so that grain qualities can be improved in storage along with specialised storage techniques for grain with high moisture levels, and better ways to store oilseed and pulse crops," he said. "These will be detailed at the conference along with other important developments, including the use of non-chemical insect control techniques."

He said this is an exciting development that avoids the continual and expensive need for new chemicals. "They can help in meeting market expectations for residue-free grain, and they avoid th increasingly severe restrict ions on chemical use.

"Australia has a first-class reputation in grain storage and grain hygiene standards, but continued market access is very much linked to providing grain free of contaminants and residues.

"These initiatives will be detailed at the conference along with quality issues, including ways to improve the quality of cereals, pulses and oilseeds while they are held in storage, and other issues including food safety.

"The Adelaide conference will therefore be relevant to a range of industry participants including growers, storers and handlers, marketers, regulators, food processors and researchers."

Full registration for the three days (which includes the cost of proceedings plus meals and refreshments) is $430; for a specific day only, the registration cost is $275. Grower participation is encouraged.

A copy of the conference program can be obtained from Liz Sheridan 02 6257 3299, email: