Meet Your Panel

Photo of Dennis Gillespie

Farmer, agricultural consultant and former AGWEST pasture researcher Dennis Gillespie recently joined the GRDC Western Regional Panel's wheat processing quality and wheat for markets subprograms. These add to his existing positions in the invertebrate pests and innovation marketing programs.

Previously, as panel member responsible for the disease management subprogram, he was closely involved with the establishment of the Centre for Necrotrophic Diseases at Murdoch University.

"As a grower of pulses, cereals and oilseeds, I know the importance of controlling foliar diseases caused by necrotrophic fungal pathogens, which can savagely slash yield and reduce crop rotation options," he said. The diseases include black spot in field peas, Septoria in wheat, and blackleg in canola. The Centre will focus on the molecular and physiological pathology of the pathogens.

In Mr Gillespie's innovation marketing portfolio is the highly regarded WA Crop Updates series, which next year will shift focus slightly to better accommodate grower needs.

"I always seek the best possible outcomes for the GRDC's major stakeholders, growers, and that means packaging information attractively and delivering it efficiently."