An eyefor cereal diseases

Yorke Peninsula farmer (and (Nuffield Scholar) Jane Greenslade with farmer Trevor Polkinghorne and Dr Hugh Wallwork (SARDI) use the excellent pictures in the 2000 edition of the Cereal Leaf and Stem Diseases guide to identify leaf-disease symptoms in wheat.

Can you recognise cereal diseases at a glance? No?

Well, the 2000 editions of the books Cereal Root and Crown Diseases and Cereal Leaf and Stem Diseases are a fantastic resource to help you ensure that you can.

Produced by Hugh Wallwork, Cereal Pathologist at the South Australian Research and Development Institute, and supported by graingrowers and the Federal Government through the GRDC, these publications describe the visual symptoms of over 50 diseases of wheat, barley and oats. Each description is supported by excellent photographs, information on how and when diseases occur, and information on methods of control.

The Cereal Leaf and Stem Diseases guide also contains a useful section on other causes of leaf damage and their symptoms. These include herbicide damage, environmental stress, pest damage and nutrient deficiencies and toxicities.

The guides are relevant to all cereal-growing areas in Australia and provide a practical resource from pre-sowing to pre-harvest.

Following the same format as the previous editions, which sold out, Dr Wallwork reports that the 2000 editions contain many improved photographs and updated information based on the latest research results. One important update is the inclusion of new definitions and pictures to improve growers' ability to differentiate net form and spot form of net blotch.

The 2000 edition of Cereal Root and Crown Diseases is available for $25 (plus GST and handling) and Cereal Leaf and Stem Diseases for $30 (plus GST and handling) from Rural Connect, free call 1800 110 044, email Also refer to the Rural Connect catalogue enclosed with this issue of Ground Cover.

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