Research updates Snail harvest


The GRDC is investing an extra $120,000 into snails research to evaluate header adaptations to minimise contamination, develop ways of separating snails from grain, and boost biological control research.

All up, the GRDC and SA Grain Industry Trust Fund have committed $770,000 for this research, mainly in SA, until 2002.

Program 2.7.1 Contact: Mr Dennis Hopkins, SARDI 08 8303 9400

Interest up in summer cropping

The potential for summer cropping in SA is being assessed by the SA Research and Development Institute.

Researcher Nigel Wilhelm said crops such as sorghum, millet and sunflower are being tested in areas where dryland salinity and waterlogging are issues.

The SA move follows a big expansion of summer cropping in WA in an effort to use water deep in the soil profile, to compete with summer weeds and to provide a cash return.

The GRDC has also invested in summer crop research.

Contact: Dr Nigel Wilhelm 08 8303 9400