Attributes of butterfly pea

Butterfly Pea

Butterfly pea is seen as an ideal ley legume for Central Queensland because it is:

  • large seeded, so can be planted with conventional planters and combines
  • adapted to heavy clay cropping soils, with relatively easy weed control at establishment and easily controlled as a crop weed itself
  • known to build soil fertility
  • perennial and self-regenerating, which increases plant population in the long term
  • frost-tolerant and regenerates rapidly in warm weather after winter
  • competitive with weeds and grasses, and able to recover from 'abusive' grazing
  • fine-stemmed, allowing the possibility of zero-till for the subsequent cultivation phase
  • very productive in dry matter, producing excellent weight gains in cattle
  • multi-purpose, making good hay while its seed is finding a ready market
  • heliothis resistant.

Region North, South, West