Taking butterfly pea public

According to John Doughton, agronomist with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, butterfly pea showcased the strengths of a farming systems approach for adopting new research and development results.

"The worth of this legume as a ley pasture could be proved so quickly only because of the network of growers who evaluated and developed butterfly pea simultaneously at a range of sites across central Queensland as part of the Central Queensland Sustainable Farming Systems Project," says Dr Doughton.

Coordinated research and development focused on establishment, weed control, grazing trials, economic analysis, technical support and a considerable communications effort.

The collaborative project, supported by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC, also involves the Department of Natural Resources, CSIRO, Spackman & Associates — Agricultural Consultants, and the University of Central Queensland.

Dr Doughton says good communications proved the key to the success of butterfly pea adoption. "Keeping everyone informed and interactive comes at a high price, but it was a price worth paying."

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