Trit and Treat

Triticale is a hardy crop, offers a good disease break and tolerates acid soils. New and superior triticale varieties now coming on-stream give graingrowers the chance to further add diversity to their rotations.

University of Adelaide plant breeder Kath Cooper says the new varieties should boost interest in this cereal, the sowings of which are increasing by about 10 per cent a year in the south-eastern states and WA.

Dr Cooper's breeding program has released two new varieties.

  • Treat — which is now available to growers. The grain has superior test weight to that of the widely grown Tahara variety and improved straw strength, reducing lodging. Treat is resistant to RLN but not CCN
  • Tickit — a CCN- and RLN-resistant line which has yielded about 5 per cent more than Tahara in trials and should be available for commercial sowings from 2002.

Hillary, Jackie and Eleanor are new dual-purpose triticales from breeder Norman Darvey of Sydney University. These are primarily intended for early sowing situations and can provide grazing followed by grain harvest. Jackie has reduced awns and is fully CCN-resistant. Eleanor is the best grazing line.

Program 2.3.2 Contact: Dr Kath Cooper 08 8303 6563