Wish List

Howard Crothers of Underbool, Victoria/325 mm rainfall, 730 hectares of wheat, barley and triticale: improved varieties, especially those that offer higher yields and better grain qualities. I know from visiting Japan how much emphasis they place on buying quality product.

Gary Doyle of Buronga, NSW/ 300 mm rainfall, 7,000 hectares of crop mainly wheat: a range of crops that are deeper-rooted than wheat or barley to dry out soil profiles and prevent re-charge, but they need to be as profitable as wheat.

Dean Wormald of Caliph, SA/ 275 mm rainfall, 1,500 hectares of wheat (mainly), peas and vetch: research is needed into how we can take advantage of a buildup in soil moisture levels, especially following good spring rains. Can we grow crops such as sunflower and saffiower over summer instead of leaving paddocks bare?

Ted Holtsbaum of 'Nowley', Spring Ridge, (northern) NSW/ 500 hectares wheat, 500 hectares barley, 350 hectares of canola, 320 hectares of sorghum, 80 hectares sunflowers, some cotton: without saying those we have are not good enough, we need a wider choice of summer and winter legumes to break the disease cycle. They must be economical to sow, better than pulses at putting N into the soil. A green manure option would be interesting.