On farm computers: adults take over but complain about Internet

Computer ownership on graingrowing farms continues to increase, with 76 per cent of growers now having a PC on their farm, up from 47 per cent just five years ago.

This is just one of the trends to emerge from the latest Grains Industry Research Survey commissioned by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

The survey, which involved extensive telephone interviews with hundreds of Australian graingrowers, showed that no longer is the computer mainly the domain of the children in the family.

Use by youth has been overtaken by the senior members of the household who are tapping away on their farm accounting and finance packages, and also using the PC to access farm decision support programs and crop optimisation packages.

According to the survey, this trend is particularly evident on larger farms.

Graingrowers were also questioned about the Internet, with nearly 50 per cent indicating they are currently connected, but they are not all happy—half of the 50 per cent describe their connection speed as frustratingly slow while nearly a quarter report far too many line drop-outs.

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