Precision Farming

Seminar and open forum Monday 23 July, 8.30 am Conference Centre, Technology Park, Bentley,WA

Precision farming has huge potential for managing variability in the performance of our agricultural systems by:

  • achieving higher output to input ratios across the paddock
  • optimising land use sequencing and increasing profit from site specific management.
  • determining how the information gaps in precision farming are to be addressed so that the potential in precision farming can be achieved.

Keynote addresses by:

  • Prof. Alex McBratney, Director of the Centre for Precision Agriculture, Sydney University. Internationally renowned for his work on precision farming. Professor McBratney's research on zone management and his development of an Opportunity Index have received wide recognition.
  • Dr Simon Cook, consultant with CGIAR in America. Having previously worked on precision agriculture in WA, Dr Cook's research has included studies in predicting variability.

The first phase of the 2001 review on managing spatial variability is to be presented at the Guidance Systems and Precision Farming Expo (Dowerin on 19 June). Growers and industry have identified management of variability in the performance of agricultural production systems between and within paddocks as a significant priority.

Hear what is needed to achieve the potential in precision farming. Book for the seminar by 10 July. Lunch is provided and registration is $35.

Contact: John Blake, AGWEST

08 9690 2143

Bookings: Carol Llewellyn 08 9690 2171; fax 08 9622 1902