Study delivers consistent dough

With 40 per cent of domestic and 12 per cent of export wheat consumption going to pan bread production, greater consistency and dependability of laboratory procedures represent a significant advance for Australian wheat growers.

In response, a GRDC-supported research project surveyed test baking methods used in five regional and four commercial laboratories and upgraded them to ensure laboratory results are more dependable in guiding breeding programs for wheat production.

"Any discrepancies between the outcomes of our test baking and the results achieved commercially mean that we're not able to cater to buyer needs, and that has obvious ramifications for our potential market," said project supervisor Ken Quail of BRI Australia Ltd.

During the project, BRI bakers established a uniformity that is enabling greater comparison across laboratories. "What we now have in place is a dependable system of measures that sees our laboratories producing consistent results that more accurately reflect the commercial performance the wheat farmers are producing," Dr Quail said.

Program 1.2.1

Contact: Dr Ken Quail 02 9888 9600