Min till and drill

WANTFA President Neil Young at his Kojonupfarm in May. The no-till bar is a modified chisel plough with extra rows front and back, giving five rows of solving tynes set to allow 250 mm between sowing centres, for trash clearance. It has Agmaster points, with a double chute for seed and fertiliser, and Agmaster prototype press wheels.

Minimum tillage by most definitions can include no-tillage (zero tillage). A systems approach to 'min-till' means that changes to tillage methods are matched to changes in other aspects of a farm's operations, including, for example, financial management, crop rotations, pasture and livestock management, and machinery use.

According to Simon Wallwork, editor of the Kondinin Group's GRDC-supported min till drill book, published earlier this year, profitable and sustainable farming is the reward for those adopting min-till practices as part of a whole-farm system.

A Kondinin Group survey in 1998 revealed that 88 per cent of Australian broadacre farmers were sowing crops with less tillage than they had used in the past. Mr Wallwork predicted that, by 2003, 97 per cent will practise min-till.

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