Phomopsis Resistant Lupins

New research is opening the way for phomopsis-resistant lupin varieties which could increase yield and grain quality and sustain livestock with rich grazing pastures.

Progress in lupin genetics and disease resistance promises to combat the effects of phomopsis stem and pod blight.

A research project funded by graingrowers and the Federal Government through the GRDC has uncovered four pathotypes that preferentially infect narrow-leafed lupin, yellow lupin, albus lupin and the rough-seeded lupins. Tests showed that genetic controls of stem and pod resistance are separate, a discovery that has provoked further research into phomopsis infection.

The tests also revealed that two stem phomopsis-resistance genes occur in narrow-leafed lupins, one in the Gungurru, Yorrel and Merrit cultivars, and the other in the highly resistant breeding line 75A:258.

This has created the opportunity to pyramid the two genes into a single variety to provide insurance against new strains of phomopsis.

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