Planning five years of industry growth

A stalk of wheat

At a time of rapid industry change, the GRDC's third five year corporate plan will be published in the next year.

The Corporation has talked to many people about their ideas for the new plan, particularly growers and researchers.

Early this year, workshops were held with growers in Toowoomba, Albury, Adelaide and Perth and consistent messages were heard during these talks.

One of these was that the GRDC should build on the strength of its unique regional 'Panel' system, which provides an active network of advice in every region of the grainbelt. Most of the GRDC’s panel members are growers; but, also included are researchers, marketers and agribusiness people.

The GRDC's panel members and management work very closely together to develop and make national as well as regional R&D investments.

People at the recent workshops wanted the GRDC to be more flexible in setting its research investment directions — and more adaptive to the rapid changes in the world of agribusiness. Therefore, the GRDC will adopt new, collaborative and flexible processes and systems.

Above all, the industry said it wanted the GRDC to stay close to the grassroots of its grower stakeholders.

Other, independent, market research has shown that the grains industry wants three things above all: better crop varieties, keeping growers informed, and research that’s relevant to the farm.