More on salinity, soil degradation

Ground Cover invites debate and new ideas on agricultural practice and policies. Following, we bring you Part 1 of a two-part series exploring different approaches to reversing soil degradation and specifically dryland salinity. Professor David Pannell, who contributed the thought-provoking keynote article, is a leading authority on the 'big picture' issues related to salinity management. His work, supported in part by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC, does not shy away from querying conventional wisdom. Such debate is healthy.

Joining the forum, rangeland ecologist Dr Christine Jones has generated considerable interest in her alternative model for understanding the causes and management of dryland salinity which will feature in the next Ground Cover. In this issue, Dr Jones reports on ground-breaking work (which she supports as a rangeland scientist) by two NSW farmers who are developing a workable strategy for cropping into perennial native pasture.

Farmer Darryl Guff rounds out our forum with a backgrounder on the thinking behind pasture cropping.