Grains Research and Development Corporation

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) invests in research and development on behalf of the Australian grains industry and the Federal Government.

Applications for conference sponsorship 2002-03

The GRDC invites and assesses Conference Sponsorship applications twice a year. Applications for funding support for conferences not forming an element within a research project do not require a Preliminary Research Proposal, but are to be made on the Conference Sponsorship application form.

For conferences that are held annually/biennially, the GRDC requires a new application each year.

For conferences that occur infrequently, for example major international conferences where Australia is the convenor, or for conferences held every five years, the GRDC will consider dispersing funds in advance of the conference date over a number of years.

Conference Sponsorship applications are being considered for the period January-July 2002 and must be submitted by Friday, 28 September 2001. Applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the conference. The applications should not be included as part of any other GRDC research project or attached to other GRDC applications.

Applicants interested in preparing Conference Sponsorship Applications must use the GRDC’s Word 6 template (see details below).

Travel/conference attendance applications

The GRDC invites and assesses Travel/Conference Attendance applications twice a year. Travel applications must be submitted by 29 March 2002 for the six months July-December 2002 and by Friday, 28 September 2001 for the six months January-June 2002.

The GRDC’s preference is for travel requests to be incorporated into project applications wherever possible. Applications for financial support for travel or conference attendance not forming an element within a research project may be made on the Travel/Conference Attendance application form.

These Word templates can be found at the Applying and Reporting’ section on the GRDC’s web site:

The documents can be opened and completed on any computer that has Microsoft Word 6 (or a later version) or any word pr ocessing software that can convert from Word 6. The GRDC requires ten (10) paper copies (A4 size, double-sided, stapled) of all completed application forms.

Applications should be addressed to: Provider Liaison Grains R & D Corporation P0 Box E6 Kingston ACT 2604