Meet your panel

Bob Eisemann

One of Queensland's most senior primary industry policy officers will bring his particular expertise to the GRDC’s Northern Regional Panel.

Bob Eisemann is one of five new faces as the nine-member panel begins its three-year term. Dr Eisemann is also panel deputy chairman.

A qualified agricultural scientist majoring in plant breeding and genetics, and a former joint leader of Queensland’s wheat breeding program, Dr Eisemann has spent the last 11 years in management and advisory positions with Queensland's Department of Primary Industries.

He sees the industry’s main challenges as:

  • finding sources of new profitability — through new or better differentiated products, better business models, enterprise diversification and new technology such as computers and biotech
  • better use and management of natural resources, particularly water, and improving the ecological sustainability of farming systems
  • employing systems thinking and management across the range of factors influencing farming decisions
  • harnessing the power of gene technology for better control over biological processes and products, and
  • dealing with the changing world economic order — globalisation, the decline in importance of nation states, the biotechnology revolution, the transition to the ‘knowledge age’ economy, the increasing power of consumers and the changing nature of business.

“All signal the need for new, more dynamic ways for managing businesses,” Dr Eisemann says.

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