Sit back and dial your 'variety selector'

Graingrowers across the nation can now access, online or on CD-ROM, information to help them choose the best grain varieties for their situations and environments.

The new Variety Selector is based on extensive data from 800 grain and field crop trials around the nation and for more than 350 field and grain crop varieties.

The software package was launched by ACAS, the Australian Crop Accreditation System, a partnership between the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the Grains Council of Australia, the Seed Industry Association of Australia and the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Resource Management.

Cootamundra farmer and Grains Council of Australia representative on CAS, Hugh Roberts says the Variety Selector should provide the grains industry with an easy-to-use program to help judge if a new variety of seed will be successful on the farm.

Variety Selector is an interactive database that crosses state borders and the private and public sector. It recognises that growers are interested in varieties from all over the country,” said Mr Roberts.

What’s new?

ACAS Chairman Lindsay Cook adds that for the first time information from public and private sector plant breeders across Australia is providing growers and advisers with a system that enables them to see how varieties perform in conditions and locations similar to their own, relative to other varieties.

“We hope to eventually provide information on over 1,300 varieties,” Dr Cook said.

Growers and advisers accessing the Variety Selector are able to produce three types of reports:

  • trial reports
  • variety reports
  • variety comparison reports.

The ACAS Variety Selector can be found at

A CD-ROM version is also available.

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