Stop Press: How green is my farm? Oz growers lead on world stage

Two Australian graingrowers are to be the first in Australia, and some of the first in the world, to be recognised officially for their green ways.

They have put in place on-farm strategies enabling them to be certified with an international standard for environmental management — ISO 14001.

Jim McDonald and Peter Jones, in NSW, are both to receive certification after putting in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) developed by NSW Agriculture and supported by the GRDC and Land and Water Australia.

The three-year $278,000 project will develop generic EMS guidelines that all farmers can customise for their own use.

Project officer Gavin Tinning of NSW Agriculture said EMS provides a systematic way of identifying environmental priorities on-farm, and setting targets to be integrated into everyday practice.

“We are very encouraged that ‘small enterprise’ farmers have been certified at an international level, opening the way for other farmers to do the same.

“In addition to the on-farm benefits, certification may keep the door open to places such as Europe, where environmental standards are being used as trade barriers,” Mr Tinning said.

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