Wheat around the world

Developing countries have become the main importers in the world grain market and that trend will continue, according to International Grains Council Executive Director, Germain Denis.

He told a Grains Week audience that those countries now account for 78 per cent of trade in wheat and 70 per cent of coarse grains.

Mr Denis said the main wheat importer is now Brazil, and Southeast Asian countries import more wheat than Europe, or more than China and Japan together. As a result, the international grains market is much more diversified, shielding exporters from sudden changes or collapses in individual markets.

Production increases

At the same time, some developing countries were achieving huge increases in production. China had increased its wheat output by one-third over ten years and India had doubled production during the past two decades. India was no longer a regular importer and was even selling surpluses on world markets.