Wheatman works for Thallon grower

South-west Queensland wheatgrowers Celia and Kevin Brosnan.

Veteran south-west Queensland wheatgrower Kevin Brosnan of Oakey Plains near Thallon has been cropping 480-600 hectares every season since 1960 and he rates Wheatman as ‘a very useful decision support’ tool.

“I’ve been using it for 10 years and was involved with the program’s development.

It wasn’t always as user-friendly as it is today, but I use it to try and back up my own thinking on how to approach the next crop cycle. Wheatman is very good at accepting your own paddock data, costs and yields to see how each paddock performs,” he said.

The ability to include the effects of incrop rain on wheat yield as a very useful improvement, especially if that crucial August fall occurs. “I’m believing Wheatman more and more, it is a good support mechanism. I put in all my records and a couple of times it’s been very close to the actual wheat yield and return figures.”

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