Tell us what you think of GrainZone

WHAT DO YOU THINK of GrainZone as an Internet site?

The GRDC would like to hear from those who are using the Internet as a valuable source of information, and it has loaded a 'user survey' onto its GrainZone home page ( as a means of gaining feedback about the site.

The survey is simple to use and takes about five minutes to complete. Most questions require a simple selection from a list of choices, while a few ask for written comment.

The survey questions are designed to gather feedback about why users go to the site, what they look for once there and what problems they may have in finding information.

If you have ever used GrainZone and felt there were problems with your download speed, using the search engine, or if you found the layout hard to use, now is your chance to let the GRDC know.

If you have any comments on GrainZone, the GRDC would love to hear about them. We intend to continuously improve GrainZone and provide growers and researchers with a site that meets their needs. So take a few minutes to have your say about GrainZone and we look forward to improving the site through your feedback.

New - On-farm Trials

Every farmer needs to hear the latest about the on-farm trials in hislher area. On GrainZone's new On-farm Trials page, you can just click on the map to find trials done in your local area, or on similar soil types. The web developers are still in the process of loading this site and a special feedback form is available for comments before the bulk of information is loaded. So check the new On-farm Trials page within the 'For Growers' section and have your say on the latest addition to GrainZone.

Farmer updates online

If you missed any of the farmer updates this year you can at least read the hundreds of papers that were presented, as they are all online at GrainZone. It takes only three 'clicks'. Go to the 'For Growers' or 'For Researchers' section and under 'Research Updates' you can ~elect the appropriate region to see all papers presented since 1998.

Advice sheets

In constant demand, some of the most popular advice sheets can be hard to source, but there are over 30 advice sheets ready to download from the GrainZone site, plus another 20 advice sheets specifically written for growers in the high-rainfall zone. Look in the 'For Growers' section under 'Advice Sheets'.

Search engine

Every issue of Ground Cover is also available on GrainZone, but if you are looking for information on a particular topic, you will get the fastest result from using the search engine. Simply type in the topic you are interested in - for example, blackleg - to find a list of the relevant information. To help make this list more specific, if you are looking for only recent information on blackleg, type blackleg and 2001. There is also a list of hints and tips on refining the search under the help key.