Chickpea trivia

THE NEW chickpea variety - called Howzatm in the NSW Agriculture tradition of cricket-oriented names - was bred by Ted Knights at the department's Tamworth Centre for Crop Improvement in collaboration with Bob Brinsmead at the Hermitage Research Station, Warwick in Qld, under the aegis of the National Chickpea Breeding Program.

As part of the national breeding program, important data supporting Howzat is release have also been contributed by collaborators in Qld, Victoria, SA and

Mr Knights - exercising the plant breeder's traditional privilege - chooses cricket-oriented names like Gullym, Bumper" and, now, Howzat, for his chickpea varieties, because the great bulk of Australia's chickpea exports go to the Indian subcontinent.

This scientist could give a few lessons in brand marketing. His reasoning? Over in India they are even crazier about cricket than Australians.

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