Soybean promotion in the north

A SEVEN-member executive committee has been formed to head the Northern Australian Soybean Association, formed at a meeting in Toowoomba on 16 October. More than 50 people attended the meeting, which heard that while prices for soybeans for oil crushing have recently declined in Australia, new markets are opening up for edible beans, for use in products like soymilk, tofu and natto (fermented whole soybeans, usually eaten for breakfast).

A major aim of the new association is to promote this evolving market which, the meeting was told, can also offer premium niche prices for quality beans.

Long-term soybean trader and promoter Peter Brodie is the inaugural chairman of the Northern Australian Soybean Association, with Greg Mills, from QDPI Kingaroy, as vice-president, Gwen Phil (Philp Brodie Grains, Toowoomba) as secretary, and Andrew McCarroll , QDPI Toowoomba, as treasurer. Two farmers, Harley Bligh from Brookstead and Bev Albinus, lnverell, as well as Brisbane trader Brian Algate make up the rest of the commitlee membership.

Contact: Mr Peter Brodie 07 4630 1944