Learning and fun: Graingrowers follow the value chain to Sydney

SIXTEEN FARMERS from grains regions around Australia participated in the latest GRDC Research Horizons Course at BRI Australia.

The farmers, all women, had been nominated by Partners in Grain (a national GRDC-supported initiative). Partners in Grain aims to increase the involvement of women and young people in the grains industry.

The women said they enjoyed the opportunity to explore the connection between what they grow and the processed products eaten by consumers. They are all keen to get back home and apply this knowledge to their businesses.

Said Heather Needs from South Australia, "Considering the diverse climates and businesses of the participants, it struck me that a lot of our issues are the same, i.e. quality standards, testing at receival sites and plant breeding."

Added Queensland's Marg Cover, ''This is a 'must do' experience - I urge any farmer who is interested in the future of their business and the grain industry to do this course.

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