Pulse production at your fingertips

New information vital to the successful production of pulse crops is a feature of the latest Update of the Grain Legume Handbook.

THE HANDBOOK was first published in 1987 and Updates are produced every two years, with the latest becoming available from March this year. Chairman of the committee that arranges and distributes the Updates, Allan Mayfield said the crops covered are chickpeas, lentils, lupins, faba beans, peas and vetch. "All up, there are some 100 pages in the latest Update detailing new information for growers, advisers, researchers and people involved in agri-business," he said.

The new Update, the production of which is supported by the GRDC, covers:

  • the latest information on new crop varieties
  • changes to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, chemical compatibility
  • guidelines and information on seed testing for disease.

There is also a section on the desiccation of pulse crops before harvest - a practice that dries the crop out evenly, facilitating harvesting. "Desiccation is being more widely used, especially in Lentil crops, and is an alternative to windrowing," Dr Mayfield said.

"In the receival standards there are also new colour charts showing grain defects, which can result in costly downgrading of deliveries, and information on how to avoid these problems. Snails and slugs are causing problems for many growers, so we have included information on how best to minimise damage from these pests."

By now, a purchase notice for the Update will have been sent to those thousands of people on the Handbook register. People who have a Handbook and do not receive a notice are asked to contact Helen Day at Box 90, Riverton SA 5412 - Phone 08 8528 5273, fax 08 8528 5310, email thday@rbe.net.au. The cost of the 2002 Update including packaging, postage and GST is $6.60 while the cost for a new Grain Legume Handbook including the 2002 update is $74.80.

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