Farmers' grains research wish list:

Andrew Roberts of 'Hillside', Cootamundra NSW/ 450 hectares mixed crops, canola, lupins, oats, triticale: more funding for effects of BYDV on early-sown cereal: scientists to work more closely with innovative farmers.

Peter Haeusler of 'Bundaleer', Dalby Qld/ 700 hectares mixed grain crops: crop establishment techniques to straighten out the many variables.Rob Town 'Greenock', Dalby Qld/ 100 hectares grains and cotton: more collaboration between growers and scientists.

Rick Martin of 'Burnbank', Ladysmith NSW/ 300 hectares mixed/ crops: More research funds to support field trials, more work on soil acidity, how to measure the effects of our farming on the soil, how to achieve high production without acidity.

Ross Gibson of 'Millfarm'. Hagley Tas/ 200 hectares mixed crops: work on wet soil drains, including tax incentives, access to overseas information.

Bob MacSmith of 'Little Boree', Borenore NSW/ 600 hectares of mixed crops, specialising in canola: buy the canola breeders at Wagga Agricultural Research Institute an N1R infrared analyser to determine fatty acid content of vegetable oils — it would be money well spent and would save months of waiting for results.