Farmers reap benefits from Soilcare

Soilcare demonstration sites have shown farmers that less cultivation does not mean less profit, among other lessons from four years of the Soilcare program in north-eastern Victoria. Soilcare has been a joint initiative of the Victorian Department of Agriculture and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, with additional funding from growers through GRDC and from the National Landcare Program.

A recent report highlights the following:

One-third of farmers surveyed could point to farm management changes they had made as a result of the program. During the past five years fanners reduced by almost half the number of times they cultivated to sow crop.

By 1992 farmers were using conventional cultivation on only 20 per cent of the area cropped; the remainder was evenly divided between direct drill and minimum till (one or two cultivations).

A new program called Beyond Soilcare is designed to carry on where the old one left off.

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