Integrated weed management: beyond weed resistance

A new book on weed management is designed to make sense of the mass of information which threatens to overwhelm modem farmers and provide some strategies to get around weed resistance to herbicides.

The Western Australian Committee of GRDC funded the book and Jonathan Dodd, Robert Martin and Malcolm Howes wrote it.

Although Management of Agricultural Weeds was written in response to needs in Western Australia, its principles and most of its information are relevant to broadacre cropping throughout southern Australia.

"At least 80 per cent of the information and certainly all the principles apply in the eastern states," said joint editor Robert Martin of NSW Agriculture in Orange.

Zero and minimum tillage practices rely heavily on herbicides for weed control, but some weeds are now showing resistance. The book points the way to integrated weed management through agronomic, biologiearand chemical control.

Practical features include appendices, listing common names of weeds and detailing herbicides with their active ingredient.

Geoff Hamilton of the Kondinin Group, which is marketing the book, says he expects a strong demand around sowing time.