Setting the seal on grain storage

Logo to be displayed on placards for silo manufacturers committed to improved storage options

In the last issue of Ground Cover we reported that a landmark agreement had been struck by farmers and silo manufacturers. The target is 1996 for the introduction of national standards governing the construction of high-quality, sealed, on-farm storage. The GRDC played a major role in developing the agreement which will be carried out with technical support from the CSIRO, APB in Western Australia and Queensland Department of Primary Industries.

Improved storage options are urgently needed because of growing market pressure for the supply of pesticide-free, insect-free crops. Growers recognise that their future profitability is governed by their ability to sell to this market.

Regional meetings between scientists, growers and silo manufacturers in Wagga and Toowoomba have started the process of developing the national standards. Soil manufacturers are already reporting an increasing interest in sealed silos and a good season should speed the trend. Nearly all silo manufacturers will be participating in this effort. Those involved will be easily recognizable. They will be displaying placards at field days or at workshops carrying the logo shown below.

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