High yield feed barley:

The GRDC/NSW Agriculture/QDPI Northern Barley Improvement Program released the new feed variety BinalongPBR logo at a Grains Research Update in Beliata, NSW, earlier this season. A cross between Skiff, Blenheim and O'Connor, BinalongPBR logo is medium to slow in maturity with excellent yield potential and strong straw coupled with excellent head retention. Claims for the variety include fhat it combines good levels of disease resistance from most major foliar diseases and out yields Kaputar, Tantangara and Skiff. It is suited for growing in northern NSW and southern Queensland. The variety is covered by Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR), and is licensed to Graintrust, ajoint venlure company involving Grainco Australia Ltd, CRT/Growforce, ABB Grain Ltd, the Grain Pool of WA, Paramount Seeds and the Australian Field Crops Association Ltd.

BinalongPBR logo seed will be available in limited quantities this year through major retailers including CRT/Growforce, Elders and Grainco Australia Seeds. For further information contact Grainco Australia 0746399222 or 1300655315; email seed@grainco.com.au; web site www.grainco.com.au.

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