Seen at Grains Week

Young graingrowers from Victoria were able to take in some of the latest research developments presented at Grains Week forum sessions, held recently in Melbourne. From left: Alexandra Gartmann, Cameron Barber and Louisa Ferrier, with the Birchip Cropping Group. Brothers Rodney and Andrew Weidemann, Rupanyup, and David 10chinke, Wallup.

The young growers spoke to Ground Cover and their sentiments were fairly well summed up by David 10chinke who said: "There's a lot of developments we have to tap into to really become competitive for the future. Gene technology has possibilities that have hardly been tapped. That's the most exciting part. Once you get past the 'Frankenstein food ' sort of scenario, you can see there's a lot of benefits."

Mr Jochinke added (perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek) that his own goal is to "turn it from a hobby farm into a profitable farm, after these last couple of years". To that end, he is putting to good use research findings and strategies including direct drill and stubble retention, rotations for disease control, optimal sowing dates, pasture and grazing breaks, and assessing tram tracks and controlled traffic on the property.