Biopesticides win in sorghum

Biopesticides are providing sorghum growers with an excellent heliothis management option , according to Queensland Department of Primary Industries principal entomologist, David Murray. Dr Murray said grower and agronomist feedback at a recent field walk indicated good support for the use of low impact pesticides on grain sorghum. Growers reported effective control o[ heliothi s with nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV) used at rates as low as 200 mL/ha with sorghum, providing the best results at this lower rate. Good control was also being achieved through banded spraying at 60 per cent coverage on sorghum, using ground rigs. Dr Murray said one of the benefits of using biopesticides was the maintenance of beneficial insects in the ecosystem, further contributing to management of heliothis and other pests. Use ofbiopesticides also played an important role in reducing the natural selection process through which heliothis developed resistance to broad spectrum insecticides.

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