GRDC panel member wins innovation award

GRDC WESTERN panel member James Ridsdill-Smith was among 35 stalT who received awards at the CSIRO Entomology 'Inventions Celebration 2002 ' held in Canberra in carly May.

Together with Celia Pavri, Dr Ridsdill Smith was recognised for the red-legged earth mite control package TIMERITE®. The invention arose from basic research aimed at determining the triggers of diapause for the mites in spring.

The program helps fanners pinpoint the critical date for a single spray that destroys the ovcrsummering generation resulting in 95 per cent control eight months later at break of season. In pastures density of subterranean clover is doubled.

The package is available for farmers from the Kondinin Group on 1800 630 011 or email