Living Soil Better Soil

Living Soil Better Soil Video

a video on the relationship between soil organisms and modern agriculture, presented by Dr Albert Rovira

If we look after life in the soil, the soil will look after us. This is the message presented by Dr Albert Rovira in this 20-minute video about the role of soil organisms in modern agriculture. Topics covered in the video include:

  • types of organisms and their function
  • the impact of soil organisms on agriculture
  • the irnpact of modern agriculture on soil organisms.

The video has been designed as a training aid to be used in the classroom, lecture theatre or farmer meeting. It is divided into three sections, allowing natural break points for more detailed discussion and questions. Living Soil Better Soil is part of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia - Better Soils Project- Supported by GRDC, PIRSA and Natural Heritage Trust,

Available through Rurat Connect for $49, free call 1800 110044, free fax 1800009988, email