Barley could match wheat

With correct sowing time, crop rotation and rainfall, barley could provide gross margins equal to or better than wheat in high-rainfall zones, according to recent trials by Agritech Crop Research.

GairdnerPBR logo barley grossed $1 ,270/ha compared to $1 ,250/ha for ArrinoPBR logo wheat in trials at Bolgart near Northam, WA. At a time when a range of new barley varieties are on the horizon, the researchers are comparing the profitability of malting barley to commonly grown noodle and hard wheat varieties on a range of soil types, crop rotations and rainfall zones. Research outcomes indicate that, when sown early in medium-rainfall zones, barley can produce similar gross margins to wheat, but in low-rainfall zones, wherc the growing season can limit yield potential, it is more risky and less likely to consistently match wheat in terms of dollar return to growers.