Counting stalks beats seed testing

Photo of a tuft of ryegrass

ON-SITE TESTING carried out one year before a major herbicide decision is currently a more reliable measure of herbicide resistance in annual ryegrass than seed testing, according to recent research in WA.

Researchers investigating the reliability of seed testing as a measure of the resistance level of ryegrass suggested growers should look to on-site testing, at least until seed testing produces more consistent results.

Significant differences between the results gained on-site and those from each of two laboratories that conducted seed testing on A, B, C and D Group herbicides led to caution about the seed testing method.

The seed testing research is part of an integrated weed management study in the central WA wheatbelt and is supported by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC. The original four-year study, which commenced in 1997, has been extended to the 2004 cropping season.

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