Crop topping nips malt in the bud

Crop topping with a herbicide shortly before harvest is one of the factors that holds back barley germination and stops it from gaining malting grade, according to recent rescarch. Field trials carried out by John Moore and Roslyn Jettner of WA Department of Agriculture recently found that germination was significantly reduced when grain was harvested soon after spraying with glyphosate by hand. With delayed harvest, rainfall and passing grain through a plot harvester, this effect disappeared. Malting barley requires a germination perccntage of 96 to be suitable for the malting and brewing industry. Incorrect drying, grain storage or pre-harvest treatment using a herbicide as a crop topping application can all reduce germination. Glyphosate is not registered for barley crop topping and should not be used on crops to be used for malting or to be kept for seed.

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