Don't forget about vetch

Vetch is a versatile nitrogen fixing legume and green manure crop offering significant benefits to graingrowers, but it may not be getting the attention it deserves. Research trials have shown that when vetch is grown as a green manure crop there are substantial savings in nitrogen fertiliser costs for following crops, according to the leader of the National Vetch Improvement Program, Rade Matic.

The trials in the southern Mallee of SA also show that vetch competes well with weeds and can keep weed numbers down. "The trials have shown that growing vetch as either a green manure crop or for grain production before a wheat crop is one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving highyielding, high-quality wheat," he said. The Vetch Improvement Program is supported by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC.

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Contact: Mr Rade Matic 0883039400